Pull It Down, Jack

I love to go fishing off Coho Point,
Just me and the sky, the sea and my boat;
There’s blueback in June, and co-ho in fall,
And the spring’s are a-feeding whenever I troll.

Now little jacksprings and tyees may
Go charging through the herring balls out in the bay;
Whatever they weigh, my affection’s the same,
Five pound or fif-ty, I call them by name to…

CHORUS:   Pull it down Jack, pull it down, Jack;
Pull down my rod tip, and strike with a crack!
Head-shakin’, tail-walkin’, jump with the slack;
I’ll give you a fish if you give me one back!

Many’s the way you can tempt a salmon:
You can bucktail or mooch them on up to the sun;
And some will troll hootchies or maybe Tom Macks,
But herring’s the bait they most often attack.

Now my flasher’s a-workin’, and my rod tip, it bobs,
And I’m a-day dreamin’ while the Evinrude throbs;
A westerly carries my troubles away,
And riding the green swells, you’ll hear me say… CHORUS:

The cruise ships go by, everyone has a look
To see if the local has one on his hook;
I pull up a beauty, they clap and they cheer,
But my fam’ly’s delight is what I long to hear.

Now the salmon sun sets on Forbidden Plateau,
And the saltchuck’s a-fire with crimson and gold;
The stars will come creepin’ out on to the sea,
So come on now Jack, oh, come home with me, and..


OUTRO:     And if you’re too small, well, I’ll throw you right back!