The Hollis Ferry

The people of Alaska are generally polite,
But on the isle of Prince of Wales I know that they’re up tight;
At ferry docks and offices, they’re loudly picketing,
Against the service cutbacks, hey, they want more “ticketing”!

CHORUS:    Oh, it’s hi diddle dee and hi diddle day
On the State Marine Highway;
Hi diddle dee and hi diddle derry,
Red-eyed aboard the Hollis ferry.

Well, things were bad enough but now they’re always in a state ;
With ferry breakdowns, oil slicks and fishery blockades;
If from Ketchikan you want to go to Prince of Wales,
Bring along your camping gear, the ferry rarely sails.  CHORUS:

Not long ago there was a round trip seven times a week,
And now it goes but twice and the trend looks rather bleak:
The island’s population grows while service there does fall:
Another thousand folks will mean no service there at all.  CHORUS: