Asphalt Sea

Once I sailed upon the waves,
Read the tide and wind;
Now I work the traffic flows
And wonder how I’ve sinned.

They made me have to sell my boat,
It’s such a rotten deal;
Farewell to the ocean life,
I’m stuck behind the wheel.

CHORUS:    Oh, once I was a fisherman,
Then I felt so free;
Now I drive a taxi cab
On an asphalt sea.

Night shift on the flat grey streets
Trolling for a fare;
No sun shining on my face,
Only the headlights’ glare.

Good-bye dolphin, good-bye whale,
Raven and eagle too;
Hello pigeon and the crow,
Now I’m more like you.  [CHORUS]

Lots of pretty people here
But they look down on me;
Hard to figure city life
When you’ve always worked the sea.

And when my day off rolls around
Most of it I sleep,
Or take a brown bag to the shore
And ponder on the deep.  [CHORUS X2]