The Russet Thrush

CHORUS:    The russet thrush is a shy bird,
It sings from the highest tree;
And it sings for all to hear,
Though the russet thrush some will never see.

Walking through the evening wood,
Can you hear it sing above?
Oh, if I can hear such a sweet song
How can I fail to find my love?  [CHORUS]

BRIDGE:     When I was young it called to me,
Enchanted me away from home;
Away, oh, away-o__,
Into a wild world, so long to roam.

Now each of us may hear a song,
A song it seems we’ve always known;
But colours bright may catch the eye,
Then someone’s leaving again, and you fly alone. [CHORUS]

Oh I wish I lived in a tall tree,
Whose crown is filled at fading light;
With her song that I’ve always known,
To take me through each gathering night. [CHORUS]

FINALE: Oh, the russet thrush I may never see