Paddling Clayoquot Sound

In summer we load our kayaks and go
Out to a place that’s good for the soul;
Launch ourselves on the primal sea,
And escape from rampant humanity.
Around the boomers and over the waves,
We paddle out to the humps and greys;
Though some might wonder ‘bout staying afloat
Beside a 40 ton whale in a 40 pound boat!  when

CHORUS [x 2]:  Paddling Clayoquot Sound, oh,
              Paddling Clayoquot Sound.

Eagles soaring overhead;
Otters groom in a bull kelp bed;
Ravens flying around the rocks,
Talking like couples out for a walk.
My love is a beauty paddling free,
In her kayak of wood in a dark green sea;
Gliding over the water as one,
All amber and gold in the evening sun. [CHORUS X 2]

Along the shores of Clayoquot Sound
Mussels and clams are easily found;
And kayak time with line or trap
Can get you a plate of fish or crab,
And kayak camping can be done up fine
With veggies and fruit, even steak and wine;
Driftwood a-plenty for cooking up grub,
And the hot springs are good for a rub-a-dub-dub! [CHORUS]

BRIDGE:    Now the ocean is not just a place of bliss,
So plan for the things that can go amiss;
And always respect the wind and the tide,
Know your limits, and all will be right,

When dinner is done, we go for a stroll
Along the bay where the combers roll;
Herons and murres fly in from the west,
Up to the trees and back to their nests
Then a warming fire of cedar and spruce
And, far away from the daily news,
We share a toast as the sun goes down,
Lie back and dream as the stars go round, of [CHORUS]

Lie back and dream as the stars go round,
Of paddling Clayoquot Sound.