Times & Places

CD Times & Places coverBrian’s long-awaited second album, released  in 2016, is an eclectic mix of love songs, blues, historical ballads, musical memoires and occasional social statement.  It was recorded and engineered by gifted multi-instrumentalist and arranger Victor Smith at his FreemanTrax Studios in White Rock BC, who contributed flutes, whistles, accordion, violin, percussion, mando, keys, electric guitar and bass.  It also features the amazing backup vocals of Amy Stephen, Caryn Fader and Fanny Starchild, the tunefulness of fiddle prodigy Michael Burnyeat and the wailing blues harp of Frisco Reed. Whether they are inspired by the universal emotions of love and longing, fun times on ocean beaches around the world, uniquely amusing BC historical anecdotes or simply social observation, these songs are filled with lyrical imagery, engaging musicality and passionate connection.  Here is a list of the tracks with brief notes and samples:

  1. Ain’t Had a Smile Blues Written one sleepless night pining for my lady love, it proved how the blues can be therapeutic.  Lyrics
  2.  The Russet Thrush Often heard but seldom seen, the russet thrush in this song is a metaphor for romantic love.  Lyrics
  3. George the BlacksmithA song about my father, whose staunch support of unionism was tough and strong, like the metal he worked.  Lyrics
  4. The SpearfishermanA day in the life on a tropical beach in Kenya, where my contribution to local camp dining was through spearfishing.  Lyrics
  5. A Weary Fireman’s Thirst – The Great Fire of Vancouver in 1886 was mostly tragic but this song, based on an eyewitness account, salvages some humour from the ashes.  Lyrics
  6. Asphalt Sea – Despite the eery parallels between salmon trolling and cab driving, a long time west coast fisherman finds it difficult to adjust to his new life as a Vancouver cabbie.  Lyrics
  7. Pity Poor Mother Nature – A plea for everyone to be stand up and be environmental stewards.  Lyrics
  8. Time Is a River – A bluesy existential contemplation on the healing qualities of time.  Lyrics
  9. Beer Is Good for You an adaptation of Zeke Hoskin’s great pub song; need we say more?  Lyrics
  10. The Skeezix – About a rum running powerboat that figured in unintended benefits for the ecology of the Fraser River estuary, near Vancouver.  Lyrics
  11. Paddling Clayoquot Sound – A celebration of the joys of ocean kayaking around the outer fringes of Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  Super, natural.  Lyrics
  12. Another Lonely Night – Oh, the longing!  Lyrics
  13. Roatan Another lively beach song, inspired by a winter spent on this friendly Afro-Caribbean island off the north coast of Honduras.  Lyrics
  14. Here Beside You – A sweet lullabye for lovers.  Lyrics
  15. Parts ‘n Labour – A fun song extolling good hearted effort, whether paid or not.  Lyrics

    This CD, in physical or download form, is available at various online distributors including CDBabyAmazon and Spotify.  CDs and download cards also can be ordered directly from Brian by contacting him via e-mail at [email protected].