Pity Poor Mother Nature

CHORUS:    Have pity for poor Mother Nature,
Pollution abounds as the buck passes ’round:
“Where does the buck stop?”, well no-one will tell,
But if it don’t stop soon we’ll all go to hell;
So tell me, where does it stop?

“Not with us!” say the hardworking hewers of wood,
Who cut too much far too fast for their own good:
When asked they say, “We’re just doing our jobs,
The problem’s not us, it’s those corporate slobs!”

“Not with us!” say the hard-shopping stylish consumers,
Gen X and Gen Y, Gen Next and the Boomers;
Whose major concession to reducing trash
Is by paying with plastic and not paper cash. [CHORUS]

“Not with us,” say the comp’nies whose factories pollute,
Who rape our resources and leave with the loot;
They say they make jobs so give them some breaks,
While their poisons destroy our saltwater and lakes.

And not with politicians who defend corporate clients,
With loop-holey laws and rejection of science;
The toxins keep flowing wherever you turn,
But leaks to the press seem their only concern!   [CHORUS]

Well, it stops with the workers and with the buyers,
Executives, politicians and other deniers;
It stops with everyone that you see,
And I’m looking at you, and you’re looking at me.

FINAL         So stand up for dear Mother Nature,
CHORUS:    As pollution abounds and the buck passes ’round.
Where does the buck stop? Well, it’s plain to see,
That it stops with you, and it stops with me,
It stops__ with you and with me.